VIETKAO CONSULTING (VKC) is a member of VietKao Group. We are special on consulting service of the enterprise/company foundation with a deep knowledge on the enterprise law, and difficulties and obstacles on the starting-up process of enterprises.

Thus, we are confident in assisting to consult in all legal problems deriving from the enterprise operations.


  • Consulting in company foundation for Vietnamese enterprises
  • Consulting in M&A
  • Consulting in Vietnamese enterprises, companies and branches foundation abroad.
  • Consulting in FDI company foundation in Vietnam.

We are special on the connection between FDI enterprises to Vietnam and Vietnamese enterprises investing abroad, especially Korean market.


Becoming a top company in the field of Consulting in Vietnam.

Vietnamese enterprises in the process of global economic integration, and attracting and widening the linking network with foreign enterprises directly and indirectly investing in Vietnam. And the desire of a powerful and durable Vietnam.

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