On behalf of VietKao Group Joint Stock Company, I would like to send to customers and shareholdersour respectful greetings and thank you for your support and cooperation during the past time.

    Globalization, international economic integration and trade liberalization have been and are outstanding trends of the contemporary world economy. Vietnam is actively integrating deeply with the world economy, each citizen is actively contributing to the development and growing prosperity of the country.

    Joining the trend of integration and development, all staff members of VietKao Group Joint Stock Company have been striving to fulfill the tasks, goals and missions of the business, positively contributing to the economic development of the country.

     Over many years of creating and development, VietKao Group is proud to have always accompanied customers and partners on all projects spread across all parts of the country.

     With continuous efforts, VietKao Group has made remarkable development steps to become a multi-disciplinary business with strong potentials, achieving many achievements in many industries and fields such as:

Tech, Media, Real Estate, Investment Consulting, Education, Bio – Lab

     During the development process, we always focus on customers, attach importance to the reputation and customer satisfaction, constantly innovate and innovate in production and business activities to better met
the requirements. demand for quality and reputable products and services.

     In order to achieve the goals of business and social service, in addition to the solidarity, attachment and consensus of VietKao Group, staff and leaders, we look forward to receiving the cooperation. and valuable support from our customers and partners.

On behalf of the Company President

Chairman of the board