VIETKAO GROUP constantly strives to become a rich and powerful national economic organization, bringing good values to the community – society and improving the values of life for members to have a best performance mentally and physically.


VIETKAO GROUP has become a strong, sustainable economic organization developing VIETKAO brands, increasing trade mark value more and more prestigious to  compete with domestical and international.

“Reputation” – The success of our partners and customers is the reliability of the company’s product quality and company’s service. We always follow on prestige as a guideline for all orientations and activities of the company.
“Heart” – Raising business benefits based on responsibility to the community, society.
“vision” – Raise long-term goals and effective strategies to carry out the longterm plan of the business.


VIETKAO GROUP always strives to become a strong, stable and sustainable economic organization with the strength of Tech – Media – Real Estate .